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Our Mission

Our Purpose

To create new systems of currency and economy.  To step out of the traditional form of capitalism, and move more into a more equitable form of reciprocity and exchange.

Our Vision

To be an online community that implements a barter system to share our gifts with one another. 

Why Do We Do a Sliding Scale?

In stepping away from the capitlistic model we are currently in, we believe that even making small steps in how we do things bring about  a change.  When we have dollar expenses, and bottom line amounts that need to be covered, using the dollar exchange is sometimes the only way we can function.  We believe in offering a pay-what-you-want economy.  We put the lowest amount, covering our costs, on the bottom figure, and leave room for what people can and want to pay.  Additional giving enables the Heart Exchange to grow.  If this is a platform you value, you have the ability and sovereignty to pay what you want into it.  We believe this begins to move the current system into something with more agency, choice and empowerment.

Our Beliefs About Giving

As we imagine the ideal economy, often we think about giving.  We like to imagine a world where we give, in abundance, to one another.  Instead of a debt economy, which we are currently in. An economy based on giving feels more nurturing.  While building the Heart Exchange, we have implemented forms of giving to aim in that direction.  Every month, built into our funding, we will be giving to an organization doing good work in the world.  We will be highlighting these organizations.  10% of what is given into the Heart Exchange will be given forward.